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Atheling - Eirs Song
Atheling - Eirs Song

A semi-sweet mead crafted with wildflower honey and grapes and aged on heavy toast French Oak. With a crisp fruity flavor and robust tannic structure, Eirs Song offers a lingering floral finish.

Current price:  $34.99
Atheling - Oathring
Atheling - Oathring

Honey fermented to perfection, allowed to naturally settle and age for six months then placed in premium brandy barrels for an an additional three years. Oathring is our premium reserve mead, each bottle numbered and signed by... Read More

Current price:  $62.99
Atheling - Rhedas Longing
Atheling - Rhedas Longing

Cinnamon vanilla, and ginger flavors

Current price:  $45.99
Atheling - Shield Maiden 0
Atheling - Shield Maiden
Crafted With Raspberry Blossom Honey and Blackberries Then Aged On Oak. It Has A Hint Of Sweetness With A Complex Blackberry and Floral Flavor.
Current price:  $34.99
Black Heath - Apple Pie 0
Black Heath - Apple Pie (375ml)

Dessert mead built on Blue Angel, plus apple pie spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, mace, clove, vanilla).
Gold Medal Winner 2022 VA Governor's Cup.

Current price:  $19.99
Ceiba - Cherry Cayos
Ceiba - Cherry Cayos (375ml)

Key Lime honey mead with key limes and cherries added.

Current price:  $24.99
1 bottle price:  $21.99
Ceiba - Whiplash
Ceiba - Whiplash (375ml)

*4+ on UNTAPPD*

Candied sugar and cocoa nibs treatment after the honey was fermented on Kviek yeast. Collab w King Fox

Current price:  $26.99
Charm City - Original Dry 0
Charm City - Original Dry (500ml)
Crisp, Dry, and Refreshing, This Modern Mead Is Best Served Lightly Chilled. Pair Our Traditional Honey Wine With Saut?ed Vegetables, Seared Tuna, Grilled Chicken, OR A Fresh Fruit Cobbler. Cheers!
Current price:  $9.99
Charm City - Sweet Blossom Mead
Charm City - Sweet Blossom Mead (500ml)

Our first semi-sweet offering is here just in time for the cold weather. Sweetened with orange blossom honey, floral notes and subtle citrus abound, while still remaining light and refreshing.

Current price:  $9.99
GI. Dansk Mjod
GI. Dansk Mjod

Nordic honey wine with ginger and hops added.

Current price:  $29.99
Dansk Mjod - Odins Skull
Dansk Mjod - Odins Skull
Mead Brewed With Cinnamon and Apples. Odin, One-Eyed and Long-Bearded, Often Carrying A Spear, Might Be One Of The Most Complex Characters In Norse Mythology.
Current price:  $29.99
Dansk Mjod - Ribe Mjod Mead
Dansk Mjod - Ribe Mjod Mead

Ribe Mjød is brewed to celebrate Scandinavia's oldest town Ribe with their 1300 year anniversary. The recipe is made in collaboration with Ribe Viking Centre, and apple juice has been added to the mead to highlight... Read More

Current price:  $29.99
Dansk Mjd - Vikingernes Mjd
Dansk Mjd - Vikingernes Mjd

To create a nuanced mead, we have added hops to Vikingernes Mjød. This spice creates a slightly spicy, aromatic, sweet and semi-dry mead, which is reminiscent of white port wine.

Current price:  $29.99
Funktastic - But First Coffee (375)
Funktastic - But First Coffee (375ml)

*4+ on UNTAPPD*

Wildflower Honey fermented and aged on Bones Coffee Co (sinn-o-bun), cinnamon and vanilla beans.

Single price  $29.99
Funktastic - Fizz: Apple Goo (120)
Funktastic - Fizz: Apple Goo (12oz bottles)

Carbonated mead with Sour Green Apple

Single price  $11.99
Funktastic - Fizz: Wtf They Doin Over There (120)
Funktastic - Fizz: Wtf They Doin Over There (12oz bottles)

Nostalgia sets in as your are catapulted back to the days of Fountain served Cream Soda…

Carbonated Session Mead accented with Vanilla

Single price  $11.99
Funktastic - Just Grin And Pear It (375)
Funktastic - Just Grin And Pear It (375ml)

*4+ on UNTAPPD*

Wildflower honey fermented with Pears and laid to rest on more Pears, vanilla and cinnamon.
Pear Cobbler is the name of the game!!!!

Single price  $29.99
Funktastic - Making Moves
Funktastic - Making Moves (375ml)
Cider Wine 

*4+ on UNTAPPD*

Wildflower Honey, Pomegranate, Red Currant and healthy heap of Vanilla Beans

Current price:  $32.99
Funktastic - White Chocolate Raspberry Blondie (375)
Funktastic - White Chocolate Raspberry Blondie (375ml)

Wildflower honey and Raspberry fermented and aged on Raspberries and White Chocolate Chips.

Single price  $29.99
Funktastic Meads - Fizz
Funktastic Meads - Fizz (375ml)

*4+ on UNTAPPD*

Carbonated Session Mead reminiscent of that special childhood soda.

Current price:  $15.99
Funktastic Meads - Sweetish Fish
Funktastic Meads - Sweetish Fish (375ml)

*4+ on UNTAPPD*

Carbonated Mead inspired by Swedish Fish candy.

Current price:  $11.99
Funtastic Meads - Purple Drank
Funtastic Meads - Purple Drank (12oz bottles)

Carbonated Mead with Concord Grape and Cotton Candy

Current price:  $11.99
Garagiste - Barrel Aged Rocket Fuel (375)
Garagiste - Barrel Aged Rocket Fuel (375ml)

4+ on UNTAPPD*

Like your meads a bit meaty?

This is the highest ABV mead we’ve ever made.

Along with @ology_brewing_co and @ology_distilling we made a fortified mead back in 20’.

Red Currants, Tart Cherries, Boysenberries... Read More

Single price  $63.99
Garagiste - Cilice De-Luxe (375)
Garagiste - Cilice De-Luxe (375ml)

*4+ on UNTAPPD*

A melomel made with red currants, raspberries and a blend of cherries with locally produced Florida honey. Finished on imported Luxardo cherries for a maraschino finish. Then aged on Bourbon staves for greater... Read More

Single price  $47.99
Garagiste - Lemon Blueberry Scone (375)
Garagiste - Lemon Blueberry Scone (375ml)

*4+ on UNTAPPD*

A mead made with organic honey, blueberries, Madagascar and Komoros vanilla beans, lemon and a kiss of baking spices to evoke a pastry vibe.

Single price  $44.99
Garagiste - Quad Barrel Reboog Cuvee (375)
Garagiste - Quad Barrel Reboog Cuvee (375ml)

*4+ on UNTAPPD*

A Boysenberry, Blueberry and Concord Grape PB&J mead aged in Bourbon, Whiskey, Rye Whiskey and Apple Brandy Barrels for 15 months before being blended.

With the barrel aging emerges some chocolate vibes from the... Read More

Single price  $46.99
Garagiste - Red Totality (375)
Garagiste - Red Totality (375ml)

*4+ on UNTAPPD*

Red Currants from Poland met wild pesticide free Blueberries from Canada and a blend of Blackberries from Serbia and Mexico. Fermented with some primo organic honey and aged on French Oak.... Read More

Single price  $44.99
Garagiste - Thrilla in Bluenilla (375)
Garagiste - Thrilla in Bluenilla (375ml)

*4+ on UNTAPPD*

A melomel made using wild blueberries rested on vanilla beans.

Single price  $44.99
Honey and Hops - Crandemic
Honey and Hops - Crandemic (375ml)

Honey-cranberry wine with natural flavor. Batch 1

Current price:  $19.99
Manic Meadery - Pinacoconilla
Manic Meadery - Pinacoconilla (375ml)

*4+ on UNTAPPD*

This recipe originated in our homebrew days, and we finally got around to making it commercially. PiñaCocoNilla starts with organic pineapple chunks and orange blossom honey, and then is rested on vanilla... Read More

Current price:  $29.99
Oliver Winery - Camelot Mead Wine
Oliver Winery - Camelot Mead Wine
White Wine 

Bold but light, sweet, and sublime. Our mead is refreshingly different, a one-of-a-kind honey wine. Bright and fresh, with hints of sweet citrus. We've crafted Camelot Mead for more than 40 years. It defies traditional mead... Read More

Current price:  $12.99
Superstition - Black Berry White 0
Superstition - Black Berry White (500ml)

This is a PRE-ARRIVAL sale. Bottles will not be available for pick up until 10am Saturday Nov.12th

Blackberry tartness wearing a silky cloak of white chocolate awaits your lips inside this container of liquid art. From birth to... Read More

Current price:  $75.99
Superstition - Bowling in Heaven
Superstition - Bowling in Heaven (500ml)

Banana & Peanut Butter Mead with Smoked Sea Salt Aged in a Bourbon Barrel

Current price:  $41.99
Superstition - Debacchus 0
Superstition - Debacchus (500ml)
The First Contingency Bottle Of The New Year Is Debacchus, An Apple Wine With The Addition Of California White Zinfandel, Cabernet, and Pinot Noir Grapes, Then Aged For Over A Year In 2019 Berry White Barrels.
Current price:  $36.99
Superstition - Safeword
Superstition - Safeword

This craft beverage is seductive and full of surprises. Safeword pushes the limits of liquid gratification as Honey and Belgian Dark Candi Syrup are tied together and then disciplined in an Oak barrel until they are released for... Read More

Current price:  $38.99
Superstition - Tranquila
Superstition - Tranquila (375ml)

Mead made with Vanilla and Itapoa Project cacao nibs from Columbia. In honor of Superstition's 10th anniversary.

Current price:  $34.99
Superstition - Velocity Raptor
Superstition - Velocity Raptor (375ml)

Mead made with Mandarins, Naval Oranges, Blood Oranges, Plums and Almonds. Movement Brewing Collaboration

Current price:  $34.99
Superstition Meadery - Hazelnut Prophecy
Superstition Meadery - Hazelnut Prophecy (375ml)

Hazelnut, Peanut Butter, Cacao & Vanilla Mead aged in Bourbon Barrels

Current price:  $25.99
Superstition Meadery - Vin De Mure
Superstition Meadery - Vin De Mure (375ml)

Mulberry Mead with French Oak, Aged in a Bourbon Barrel

Current price:  $26.99
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